A feature-packed blockchain ecosystem for online gambling and entertainment

What is ZAKZAK?

ZAKZAK is a blockchain ecosystem developed for the online gambling and entertainment sector. It provides entertainment site operators with low-fee, high speed decentralized payments, security, transparency and Web3 Integration.

Secure Payments

Secure transactions that free casinos operators from chargeback liability

Lower Fees

Lower transactions fees than any of our competitors

No Volatility

ZAK gaming tokens are stablecoins pegged at 1:1 with fiat currency


Attract users by demonstrating provably fairness.


Access to a continually growing pool of players and exciting features to enhance your casino


ZAKZAK’s ecosystem include a host of powerful features that add value to your site

Players can check game’s win/loss stats. Owners can check game earnings in real time

Offer users the chance to win, trade and even create exclusive NFT prizes from the Jverse marketplace

Live Games and Tipping Fun with gorgeous Japanese hostesses. Baccarat. Pachinko. New games on the way

ZAKZAK is Live!

Tens of thousands of players are already using ZAKZAK for payments on our partner sites. Click below to watch a demo of how simple it is to use.

The Tech


Take an in-depth look at the technology that drives the ZAKZAK ecosystem




Started trial operations of ZAKZAK Layer 2


First Exchange Listings .

Launch of ZAKZAK Layer2 rapid payment solution for Online Casinos.

Launch Online Casino NFT service with official ZAKZAK partners.

Started trial operations of ZAKZAK Wallet for Online Casino



Launch ZAKZAK Layer 2 service for Online Casino

Launch ZAKZAK Wallet service for Online Casino

Launch Digital Entertainment NFT Market

Listing of ZAK token on DEX platforms


Launch the entire ZAKZAK Layer 1 and 2 on the ZAKChain



Launch the entire ZAKZAK Layer 2 on the Ethereum chain

Cross-chain payment solution


SDK for rapid EC payments

Launch of ZAKZAK Layer2 rapid payment solution for B2B.

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